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Really pumped to announce that I've just joined the Country Music Social Media clan for the promotion of my upcoming new music, watch this space!

Pilch aka Andy Pritchard is a singer songwriter, writer blogger based in North London in the UK. His musical career has encompassed many styles from rock to gospel, big band to country. A finalist in the ukcountryradio.com song awards for the past 2 years these days he can mostly be found performing in the company of his buddy Patrick McCarthy, bassist to the stars… Find out more about his story in the blogs tab and listen to his songs in the discography.

As a writer he was, for 3 years part of the team at the now sadly demised, Acoustic Magazine, penning reviews, interviews and for 18 months, the humorous back page column “A Funny Note”. Alongside freelancing for, among others Rockcellar and The Antiques Trade Gazette he wrote extensively for The World Tourism Market.

“Pilch is at heart a storyteller, writing songs about life in all its glory and what it throws at us. Whatever crosses his radar, be it old love, bad decisions, or dead-end jobs, all are intimately observed with an empathetic eye and a wry smile…”
Andy Pritchard's publications in World Travel Market Magazines and international guides and directories
Andy Pritchard's work in Rock Cellar, Premier Christianity, British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors and One of a Kind
Andy Pritchard's work in Acoustic Monthly Magazine



Silence of your Love


Further Down the Road


Firing Blind


Shine On 2020


Nothing but You


Only the Good
Pilch and the Midnight Tinklers

Some reviews of “Only the Good”

“Enjoyed it immensely. Strong songs, urgently sung and good production too."
Simon Mayo DJ Radio 2
“This is a fantastic album, filled with sweet melodies, clever harmonies, and fine songwriting.”
Steve Harvey, European Marketing Manager, Martin Guitar
“There are some fine songs lurking here and the band’s breezy delivery creates just the kind of good time stuff we all need right now.”
Acoustic Magazine


Shine On (Christmas Star) Pilch

2015 (originally released in 1990)

Someone Started Shouting
Shot in the Dark